In the channel during a live stream, you are able to buy a emblem or item that will show on this page.

These items are ONLY purchasable with RISC (Rawesome Interstellar Space Currency)

Once you have bought an item, you can also sell it to another user that really wants it, maybe more than you. 

Some items are limited in numbers, for example only 10 users will be able to buy the “Rawesome Badge”.



Just by watching the stream, you gain RISC:

Regular viewer = 60 RISC every 10 minutes
Subscriber = 120 RISC every 10 minutes

You can play the different chat games, to gain RISC faster than just watching the stream, you can see what types of games there is at the bottom of this page.


Follow = 100 RISC
Host = 100 RISC
Subscriber 10.000 RISC
100 Sparks = 1 RISC
1 Ember = 10 RISC

Lurking is absolutely fine, you can just keep the stream open in one of the tabs on your browser and you’ll gain RISC by doing nothing and eventually be able to buy a Mixer Pro Subscription and other goodies!


Buy a new item:

!shop buy ITEM NAME

Item list:

3 x Legendary Badge – 1.000.000 RISC
5 x Master Badge – 500.000 RISC
10 x Pro Badge – 250.000 RISC
20 x Rookie Badge – 100.000 RISC
15 x Noob Badge – 25.000 RISC
10 x Epic Fail – 50.000 RISC
10 x Rawesome – 75.000 RISC


Green Hell (PC Key) – 100.000 RISC (SOLD)
Megaaquarium (PC Key) – 80.000 RISC (SOLD)

Special deals:

Mixer Pro 1 Month – 125.000 RISC
(Max 3 sales each month)

Mixer Pro has a value of $7.99 USD and that’s out of my own pocket, which is why I do not sell more than 3 per month of these.

Eventually when Mixer allows for Sub Gifting, you’ll always be able to buy Subscription with RISC!

I’ll also be contacting publishers to see if I can get some game keys for Xbox and Steam that you can buy with RISC.

Command: !shop buy Mixer Pro

Chat command example:

!shop buy Legendary Badge






A_Keltic Knight









Cargo Search

Command: !search

Search for valuable cargo on the RawX Space Station, this costs 100 RISC and the max payout is 5000 RISC.

Coin Pusher

Command: !push 100-5000

You can add RISC to the coin pusher, at some point, it will suddenly payout to a lucky winner.
Min Payout 40%
Max Payout 90%


Command: !xboc <USERNAME> 100-1000

You challenge another traveler to a game of Xboc which is the most famous duel in the Universe. This is a 2 man show and whoever wins, is the Champion until another match is fought! 

Watch out if a Subscriber challenges you, they have more power than regular viewers!



Command: !spin 100-10000

You can try your luck with a game of Huba Balu, this alien game is a rough game, where a magical space whale decides the outcome of your fate!

Regular User: 30% chance of winning!
Subscriber: 40% chance of winnng!

If you win your sparks are doubled.


Command: !steal 1000-5000

You try to steal from your fellow space travelers, but this is risky, cause the RawX Surveillance drone might notice and put you in jail for 5 minutes, this means you wont be able to chat during that time period.

If you get caught, you lose your RISC, if you succeed, you steal from a random fellow viewer.

You can search once every 3 minutes

Lock Box

Command: !lockbox 000-999 or !lockbox status

You want to try and steal Commander Rawdee’s secret stash of RISC, that he’s planning on using for Space Burgers, the right combination is 3 digit number. 

You can guess once every 30 seconds.