Mar 8

Get Mixer Pro by watching!

Now you can get Mixer Pro and rare badges, to show off on the website. Some items will be VERY limited and at some point, you might even be able to buy Merch and Games with your RISC.

The whole idea is that I want to reward viewers who consistently come to my channel and spend their time. You are the ones that are making it a fun stream and also help me get to a point, where I might be interesting to potential sponsors and advertisement deals.

This is just a first step in a direction of getting stuff into the store, and allowing you guys to spend your hard earned RISC!

In the beginning this might have bugs, there might be things that I have not taken into account, so here’s a Disclaimer.

Everything in the store is subject to change at any time, I hold the rights to refuse a sale at any time.

Remember, I am doing this to make my channel are more vibrant place to hang out and have fun, meet new friends and be entertained, some people will always try to take advantage of things, and I will do my best to make everything fair for everyone!

About the Author:

I am the commander of the RawXtv - I run this website and our community! I love helping people and I love streaming! I am live Monday to Friday from 1pm EST!

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