May 13

Conan Exiles Server


On may 15th our BRAND NEW Conan Exiles community server will go live at 10pm CET / 3pm EST for EVERYONE to jump in and play! The server will be CLEAN with mods and everyone will start with 0xp and a new character!

This means that we’ll ALL race towards becoming the biggest and baddest tough guy on the server! 

The whole event is going to be streamed on Mixer by Rawdee and hopefully loads of people will join in for the fun!

We’ve been spending over 20 hours in the past week, testing mods and tweaking settings! This means that we’re VERY confident that the server will be fun to play on for both rookies and hardcore Conan players.


I’ve been in contact with the community manager from Funcom, who has graned me with 30 keys total for Conan Exiles, 5 of them are for the base game, and 25 DLC codes! This means that we’ll try to create a lot of hype for the server.

Some of the DLC keys will be obtainable ONLY by participating in EVENTS on the server! More about this later!

If you want to see all the DLC’s you can check out this the Steam store page

The even will be streamed on and eventually I’ll also be setting up a sub page here on this website, with server information, rules, clans etc.

have fun!

We welcome everyone to the server, we will have active admin and moderators to make sure everyone is having a great experience. You can join right here:

You can also join our Discord server right here, we have a dedicated chat and voice room for the Conan Exiles server!

About the Author:

I am the commander of the RawXtv - I run this website and our community! I love helping people and I love streaming! I am live Monday to Friday from 1pm EST!

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