May 4

Streamloots Partner

RawXtv is now partnered with Streamloots, which means you’ll be able to have even more interactivity on the stream. Buy chests with either real money or RISC and unlock cards that you can redeem during the live streams. The cards range from just “trophies” to cards that affect the outcome of the stream. This is […]

Mar 8

Get Mixer Pro by watching!

Now you can get Mixer Pro and rare badges, to show off on the website. Some items will be VERY limited and at some point, you might even be able to buy Merch and Games with your RISC. The whole idea is that I want to reward viewers who consistently come to my channel […]

Oct 2

Brand Change!

We’ve recently changed from being Rawesome Airways to now being RawX. The brand change means the following: 1. Brand is being updated on all platforms2. Rawdeegaming will no longer be used on any platforms.3. Discord server is getting a new name and logo as well. The channel is no longer a Airline theme, we have […]