Who am I?

My gamer name is Rawdee, I was born and raised in Denmark and gaming has always been a huge passion of mine. 

Ever since my older brother got a Commodore 64 and later a Amiga 500, I’ve been hooked on games, I started out playing Bubble Bobble and Diana Sisters a lot. 

I’ve been working with tech companies in the past and I have experience with DJ’ing, Music Production, Graphical Design and Managment.

All of this knowledge, I am packing into my streams on a daily basis, to both make the entertaining, but also to help other streamers both new and seasoned.

My goals

My primary goal is to use streaming as a platform to spread positivity, there’s way too much toxicity online and I’d like to be part of the movement that tries to change that.

While doing this, of course the dream is to have a sustainable income from streaming and I am well on the way there. As the channel grows, I’ll becoming more and more interesting to larger sponsors and I am highly motivated continuously enhance my brand to make it desirable for potential partners and sponsors.

Next Steps…

If you’re here on behalf of a company, potential sponsor or a game development studio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

I am able to communicate via Discord, Phone, Skype, E-mail and Twitter DM’s.