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When earth got struck by a massive meteor, we were prepared and many of us left before impact. One of those people, was Rawdee and his crew on the RawX Space Station. We set course into deep space and are now orbiting around a Exoplanet called Ergolon 5B, from here, our signal is broadcasted throughout the universe via

Ergolon 5B

Read more about the exoplanet we're orbiting!

Planet Earth

Read more about what happened to earth.

RawX Space Station

How can we travel far? What drives the station?


The moon that orbits around Ergolon 5B


My viewers say


Viewer, Mixer Staff

Rawdee always puts his viewers first. I love watching his stream because he's totally rawesome and genuine. A pleasure to watch, interact and play games with. Just watch him, you won't regret it.


Channel Moderator

I have been moderating for Rawdee for almost a year now, and I've got to say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love how community driven the channel is and how he bases what he does on the stream around a story that he is trying to tell. I can't wait for more years of moderating for Rawdee and also can't wait to see what he does for his streams in the future.


Mixer Partner

You rarely find a gem like RawX - the quality he brings to his production and the tireless hours spent on improving his content is almost unrivaled, which shines through in his stream. Spending time in his channel will surely awe you with his amazing animations, and his derpy personality makes it a fun and enjoyable environment to participate in.


Viewer, Singer

RawXtv is the place i go to after a long day of work to share with amazing people and have fun. His personality and the friends you’ll make there will brighten your days, laughter and good times are his every day gift to his viewers.


Mixer Partner

I found RawXtv's stream from a friend and since that day I try to catch every broadcast. His positive, uplifting all around presents and viewer interaction is out of this world! A must watch broadcaster!



I have known Rawdee for about 6 years now, and I have never known anyone else that streams who cares so much about their community. Rawdee wants everyone to succeed and he help everyone, especially brand new streamers. If he has the skills, he is willing to help!

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